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I want goodness, I want sin

I had to record an introduction video and put it on YouTube and post it to a discussion board for an online class and HEY did anyone know that I am literally so painfully awkward that it’s entertaining to watch??

5:04 pm  •  30 August 2014  •  1 note

My roommate is in her room singing and playing her guitar she’s the cutest, sweetest I’m so happy with my life at this point, I’ve got the best people surrounding me and I’m constantly doing what I love ugh life is great

3:08 pm  •  28 August 2014  •  3 notes
Waiting on you. As. Usual.
― (via gnashgetsskanky)
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5:57 pm  •  27 August 2014  •  3 notes

I miss my boy 

1:30 am  •  27 August 2014
12:52 am  •  26 August 2014  •  3 notes

Today Andrew and I went to the beach at midnight and I saw my very first shooting star and then we got Tastees donuts with a pal of ours and I’m just really going to miss being able to hang out with him whenever I want to like that sucks ugh fuck

3:43 am  •  22 August 2014  •  1 note