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I want goodness, I want sin

I’m always the one who loves the most

1:45 am  •  2 October 2014  •  3 notes

I can’t believe I’m finally falling asleep next to my best friend again, I couldn’t be happier

3:25 am  •  26 September 2014  •  2 notes


"You’re naked at the dinner table, we’re kind of past conventional dinner talk.."
- riskugel

8:10 pm  •  22 September 2014  •  4 notes

"Oh, Lucy’s clothes are already off?"
- one-weed-in-a-field-of-flowers

7:23 pm  •  22 September 2014  •  2 notes

Hey y’all!! In case anyone thought falling for someone over the summer that lives 5 hours away from you was a good idea, consider this: it sucks to miss someone this much!

10:24 am  •  21 September 2014  •  5 notes

So this coming week will be my first week of actually woring and I checked my schedule and I’m scheduled for 32.5 hours (plus 4 hours for tomorrow that they just called me to add on to make a total of 36.5 hours) which is SO MUCH considering I thought they would put me down for 25-30 at the MOST and I had said 20ish hours is what I wanted to work but I’ve been so bored and lonely lately and I’ll be making over $330 in just those 5 days of working but damn my first week scheiße ya feel me 

4:56 pm  •  18 September 2014  •  3 notes
I did not intend to get this drunk
― Me everytime I drink (via upperslut)
11:50 am  •  18 September 2014  •  53,214 notes
2:09 am  •  17 September 2014
If you spend the night with him in a hotel, I will literally cunt-punch you.
riskugel, on my exceptional friends with benefits situation. (via gnashgetsskanky)
4:49 pm  •  16 September 2014  •  1 note

Love crying in bed at 4 AM because I can’t sleep and all I can think about is how much I miss my boyfriend and wish that he could be with me so that if I woke up in the middle of the night I could just snuggle up to him :////

4:05 am  •  16 September 2014