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I want goodness, I want sin

I know very well that everyone has their own problems and issues etc but I hate hate hate hate hate hate seeing people in pain or sad or upset in any way and I just want anyone who isn’t feeling a-okay to come to me and give me all your sadness and just shhhh I’ll be sad for you please be happy

11:17 am  •  27 July 2014  •  3 notes

My grandmother answered the phone and the telemarketer asked if she had any urinary track problems so she said that she didn’t know and that she had to go to the bathroom and then she hung up I just

1:47 pm  •  25 July 2014  •  3 notes

I’m eating consistently aka more than once a day or once every other day so I’m gaining weight and it’s basically all going to my ass and my boobs I’ve got a pretty good life damn

12:33 pm  •  24 July 2014  •  8 notes

With the massive amount of shit that my boy talks me through and comforts me during, I don’t know how he still adores me or how I deserve someone like him.

12:29 am  •  20 July 2014  •  5 notes

i love my sisters because when my older sister and i saw the arianagrande url giveaway thing we both reblogged with our little sister in mind (i’m presuming my older sister did the same thing i did bc she’s a homie) and idk we’re cool family

1:13 pm  •  19 July 2014

I’m so glad that you decided feelings for me were silly and absurd because I’m with literally the most perfect guy for me and you don’t know me at all anymore, let alone as well as the one person who has made me over the moon I’m so happy.

I’m happy and I’m soo happy you’re happy too

5:50 pm  •  13 July 2014  •  2 notes

Andrew and I woke up in the middle of the night because he had gone a little too hard last night and now we are playing a card game called Skip-Bo in bed at 4:30 AM

4:25 am  •  26 June 2014  •  2 notes